HOORAY! Finished chemo now

YESTERDAY I waited nervously for my blood results. My neutrophyls had been 0.77 last week and should be over 1.00 for safety. Yesterday they were 4.22! So my sixth chemotherapy session proceeded without a hitch. I am so happy and relieved! An Art Therapy  student was visiting the centre and gave me a session aiming… Continue reading HOORAY! Finished chemo now


Not finished yet

I haven’t posted here for a while, so here’s a catch up... December Although I was still affected by my treatment, it was a happy Christmas with all the family, including Mum visiting from Sydney and Helen back from London. Very exciting! Then on day 8 after chemo, I went camping at Woodford. Yes truly!… Continue reading Not finished yet

Two down and 4 to go

I had my second chemo yesterday and all's well. It was less scary this time after the previous desensitisation success, but we went through the same slow dilutions again just in case. Maybe we'll stick with this safer all-day process every time. It's only one day out of my month, so I don't mind. I… Continue reading Two down and 4 to go