Cancer’s burning

I now have more information from scans, and talking with the doctors. Until recently the cancer has been confined to my lymph system. Although this caused problems, I have been grateful that no major organs were involved. Sad to say now the cancer is also not only in my liver but in my spine as… Continue reading Cancer’s burning


A full-time patient again

Since Tuesday I've been in hospital to investigate a horrible new pain in my lower back. It started suddenly and unexpectedly, but fortunately it came on AFTER a really happy week in Sydney with Mum. I’m glad to have had that. The pain is sciatica, with spasms shooting down the back of my leg. (Of… Continue reading A full-time patient again

Community Exchange

Community Exchange is a way of buying and selling goods and services without using money. You may have heard of LETS which stands for Local Exchange Trading System or Local Energy Transfer System. LETS groups use community exchange to share skills and resources around the community. CES stands for Community Exchange Systems, and CES is… Continue reading Community Exchange

R & R

Good news from my recent scan: the cancer is still “stable”, meaning no tumour growth at all since the last measurements. Yay! I’m very very happy with this knowledge. I've been crawling back to health this month, I guess more slowly than before due to the cumulative chemical assault over 6 months. I get frustrated… Continue reading R & R