Wild Foods

Back in the early 1980s when I was president of the University of Queensland Botany Club we decided to experiment with recipes and ideas from my supervisor Alan Cribbs and his wife Joan's "wild foods published volume.  We held a party & said bring a plate based on wild food or weeds. The event proved… Continue reading Wild Foods

How is your compost today?

I love having my compost bin just outside the kitchen door so I can check it each morning when I check the weather. I'm impressed that it isn't infested or smelly. The special composting worms seem active and happy and the kitchen scraps disappear very rapidly. When we do the washing, I collect one or… Continue reading How is your compost today?

Composting at home

I mistakenly thought that it doesn't matter if a bit of green waste goes in the wheelie bin, because it will just make compost at the tip. Actually, organic components of domestic refuse are a very serious problem at the tip and should be avoided. Have you found it too hard to set up a… Continue reading Composting at home

Bokashi composting

Please also see my pages on Composting at Home and Worm Farming If a composting is difficult for you, then perhaps a Bokashi system will make it easier. Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning ‘fermented organic matter’. In Bokashi composting the fermentation process is anaerobic. This means that oxygen is not required for the process.… Continue reading Bokashi composting

Bokashi for Pet Droppings

Bokashi composting is an anaerobic fermenting process that is easy and non-smelly to use in the kitchen for decomposing food scraps. Read more about it HERE ... but the big question is, can it also be used to dispose of pet poo in a way that is odour-free? There’s a specific Bokashi product they say… Continue reading Bokashi for Pet Droppings

Solar Hot Water – a hint

Solar hot water systems usually have an electric back-up heater on a thermostat, for times of prolonged overcast weather. How crazy if this is set to default, heating your water every night so you hardly need to use solar! This is a bit of a bug-bear I have. When we were deciding which system to… Continue reading Solar Hot Water – a hint

How to make kitchen rubbish bags from newspaper

No more plastic bags for kitchen rubbish at our place. I know it looks like some sort of remedial craft activity but honestly I made a month's supply while watching a movie, so that's pretty easy. Homemade flour & water glue too. Attached to the fridge with magnetic clips Plastic bags are a problem Choking… Continue reading How to make kitchen rubbish bags from newspaper