Waiting …

On Wednesday was another chemo successfully out of the way. Phew! I wasn’t expecting any problems but my blood test had a questionable platelet count, still the specialists decided I was fit for treatment. I am looking forward to the outcome of reduced pain after the chemo shrinks the cancer so I was very relieved to go ahead without any more delays.

In the last few days I have been able to walk around a little each evening, despite painful mornings. I’m trying to make the most of it when I can do a little more. Otherwise, I am still very much disabled and very limited in activity. For example, it seemed a significant achievement today to have a proper shower instead of merely washing with basin and flannel. My Mum has come to stay and help look after me so I feel very fortunate. (Sad for her, and wonderful for me!)

It feels very weird for this to have happened to me and I think I still haven’t really got my head around it. I suppose I had heard something about “bone cancer is very painful”, and that is what is going on here. I didn’t know such pain would be crippling nor wondered how many people in wheelchairs might have this sort of affliction.

In all of this drama and difficulty it’s astonishing that grateful thoughts pop into my head from time to time. It seems good to dwell on these.
* I do think the radiation treatment has fixed the acute lower backpain on my righthand side – hooray!
* I am much loved and am receiving the most amazing support and flood of well wishes – thank you xx
* thank goodness I still have eyebrows (one less job in the morning if I don’t have to draw some on)

After chemo, icecream & city view with Mum.


6 thoughts on “Waiting …”

  1. Like Gina I laughed at your comment re the eyebrows. You really are amazing, always looking at the bright side of life. I do hope the chemo reduces the pain soon.

  2. I don’t know if this is something for you to be grateful for, but I’m grateful that you are doing these posts & that you are so inspiring. I would rather you were just well, of course, but in the lemonade from lemons category, I really appreciate your strength & willingness to share your story.


  3. Great soother – ice cream! You make me laugh about the eyebrows – I still have to fill in what didn’t come back and I don’t think I ever have 2 matching….but I don’t have to look at them once I leave the mirror 🙂
    Keep up your great work xoxo

    1. Oh Gina, that’s great! thank you for that. You’ve no idea how it cheers me up. That is exactly the problem with drawing eyebrows – I got stuck thinking they should be a matching pair. I am determined to think of you and try not to stress over it.

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