Moving forward

At last some improvement and I AM VERY EXCITED! It’s been 16 days since radiation, 10 days at home, and it’s a month since this horrid thing crippled me.

Yesterday the pain was less and I was more comfortable, then I felt better today too. This evening I actually walked downstairs and up again, followed by exercises – little core muscle challenges, push-ups and weights. I’m buzzing all over now (blood circulation I suppose, for the first time in ages).

To fill you in on the rest of my time since last I wrote here, I’ve been home in bed doing nothing much. Fortunately, I have a very comfortable bedroom with beautiful treetop views and I have had my wonderful family and friends looking after me.

I went to the hospital for chemotherapy on Wednesday and that went ok with use of a wheelchair. It was also a chance to review everything with my medical team, adjusting the painkillers and asking questions. It was disappointing to be reminded that radiation treatment will have damaged the blood supply to the cancer. Consequently the chemo won’t be as effective in that spot where a pinched nerve is causing the pain. However, I am hopeful that the chemo will stop the cancer growth in my liver and everywhere else, including other vertebrae.

I am looking back over this episode and wondering why I didn’t feel discouraged, but hopefully now no more looking back and just moving forward into life and activity again.

A picnic and pyjama party in my bed

6 thoughts on “Moving forward”

  1. That’s great news Alison. Hope things keep continuing to improve for you. Sending healing light and prayers your way. xx

  2. Gosh Alison you are amazing, such a positive person and taking advantage of any improvement to get exercising again. My thoughts are with you. I hope the chemo shrinks your tumours. Loved photos of PJ party.

  3. That’s great news. So glad you got some relief at last. By the way, when I was at Hazelhurst the other day I saw jewellery by Helen Bird. Didn’t realise that your daughter was as talented and you and your Mum.

  4. Well done Alison! Push ups? Good on you! Love the PJ party – what a wonderful bunch of people xox

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