Super Air-pump Trousers

PumpupTrousersI just have to share this photo of my latest treatment. I am still battling lymphoedema and this week the OT zipped me into giant trousers, then pumped them up with air. They are heavy duty massage trousers for compressing my legs in an attempt to move the lymph fluid along.

I have also graduated to stiffer stronger stockings. On my left side where I had radiation therapy on a tumour in my lymph last year, now it seems to be blocking the flow of lymph fluid and my thigh is swollen. If we can resolve this I’m hoping that I will be more comfortable.

Meanwhile Mum is turning 90 and we are celebrating!

11 thoughts on “Super Air-pump Trousers”

  1. WOW! I hope they work and you will be more comfortable. Happy Birthday to your Mum

    Love from Judith Helen

  2. Wish your mother a happy 90th. A great milestone, enjoy the celebrations. I love the pump up trousers, they look really groovy. I do hope with their help and the new stockings you will feel more comfortable and the lymph will be able to do it’s job properly. .

  3. Hi Alison,
    These are great! I hope they help make you feel good too.
    90 years old! a good reason for celebration of your mum and the family and friends she has around her.

  4. For some reason you remind me of a cartoon character, but I can’t quite put my finger on which one. Hope they work and enjoy your Mums birthday. That’s a great achievement for her xx

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