R & R

Good news from my recent scan: the cancer is still “stable”, meaning no tumour growth at all since the last measurements. Yay! I’m very very happy with this knowledge.

I’ve been crawling back to health this month, I guess more slowly than before due to the cumulative chemical assault over 6 months. I get frustrated at times because I seem to need so much sleep. I’ve got things I’d like to do!

I had a great wWalkingStickeek away in Adelaide including attending a national LETS meet-up. I felt very fortunate to be there even though I was a bit unwell. Even now, 4 weeks after chemo, my blood count has not returned to normal and I’m still neutropenic (low in immunity). Lately I’ve had lymphoedema again, this time in both legs. I have lost weight and I shuffle along with a stoop – not a good look. I have been worried about the persistent pain and my reduced mobility. I bought a walking stick in Adelaide and I was wondering what is happening to me – what do I need to accept and how much can I realistically hope to change?

As usual, a visit to my medical specialist has been very reassuring and encouraging. The pain and the lymphoedema both are probably caused by a lymph gland that has a blob of scar tissue after radiation therapy last year and it presses on nerves and blocks the lymph flow. I’m looking forward to getting the lymphoedema under control and hope to find some improvement in all my symptoms. That’s the first step. I am now trussed up in serious heavy-duty compression stockings and bike pants (cursing climate change and longing for cooler days). Already I think wearing these has helped a little. I have more appointments ahead and my medical team can suggest further options if and when I need them.

The compression garments are quite an experience! They require gardening gloves for pulling them on, and a tug-of-war with John to get them off. I don’t know how a single person could ever cope.

So the latest news is that I am still resting and recovering. From now on I expect to feel better and better.

CONCERT: my little song debut is on 4th April 2018 at 4pm in a concert at the Mater Cancer Care Centre. All welcome. 🙂 I will also share my song here – maybe next time…

12 thoughts on “R & R”

  1. Tedious as it is …You know you will get through this and get your bounce back.
    You are our inspiration.
    Rest is good, have a nap.
    Love always xxx

  2. Visualising you & John wrestling the gear on & off gives me a giggle! But don’t we need patience. Understand your frustration with the sleep – took me ages to just go with what the body wants.There’s always so much you want to do but it’ll be there when you have the energy. I manage to doze wherever possible – passenger in the car, even sneak off occasionally at work to have a 10 minute kip.Wish we could bring siesta as a normal part of our day! Looking forward to hearing your song Love Gina

  3. Well, overall that’s good news.

    Do rest as much as the body needs. ….I know that’s difficult because ‘the I wants’ do get in the way!

    For what it’s worth, years ago I learned a little yoga routine for mobilising each joint, and there was one for the lymph. That teacher told that rocking on the feet ie transferring the weight from toes back to heels and rocking like that moves the lymph. Worth a try, if you can manage it

    Sending healing and seeing you dancing again 🙂

    Judith xxx

  4. Was just about to email you to see how you were getting on. Must be psychic. Lol. Perfect timing. All sounds good except for the limping, shuffling bit, but remember we ain’t as young as we used to be, so everything takes a little longer these days, whether we’ve had treatment or not. The more sleep,the more your poor body can recoup and then you’ll be firing on all cylinders soon. A good old Nana nap never hurt anyone. Xxxx

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