HOORAY! Finished chemo now

YESTERDAY I waited nervously for my blood results. ArtTherapy_CDsleeve_190218bMy neutrophyls had been 0.77 last week and should be over 1.00 for safety. Yesterday they were 4.22! So my sixth chemotherapy session proceeded without a hitch.

I am so happy and relieved!

An Art Therapy  ArtTherapy_CDsleeve_190218a student was visiting the centre and gave me a session aiming to design a CD sleeve for my song.

Painting with water colour was very relaxing and joyful.

After the long day on the drip I climbed the steep cliff steps –                   200 steps this time.



          APOLOGIES for last week if you discovered                                      my site was SUSPENDED.
A day later, WordPress restored it and sent me a small explanation that their spam detector had made a mistake and alleged I had violated the Terms and Conditions of Use. For that 24 hours I was upset because I couldn’t imagine what I had done wrong – no nudity or illegality – and I feared losing all my content dating back since 2009. Thank you to those who offered sympathy and suggestions.

12 thoughts on “HOORAY! Finished chemo now”

    1. 🙂 Thanks Helen xx I squeeze to the side to let those beautiful people in lycra RUN past, ha ha! But they often look at my bandaged wrist (a sign I’ve escaped from hospital) and say something encouraging to me.

  1. Gee, that was a big jump with the neutrophil reading. Well done ! So happy for you finally finishing the treatment. You can now relax and recoup. Great news xxxx
    Ps. Love the painting.

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