I had a CT scan 2 weeks’ ago and it showed the cancer is ‘stable’, which means the tumours haven’t grown. I have learned to cheer at this result although I’m wishing for them to shrink. My neutrophils (white blood cells) were borderline and the doctors decided a week’s delay for chemo would be best to give me a chance to build up immunity and resilience. One week later (this Mon) my neutrophils had more than doubled. That’s a relief! So now I’ve made it through my fourth chemo, and thankfully still without nasty reaction to the toxins.

Of course I enjoyed my bonus Week 5 in this last cycle and tried to make the most of my fitness and energy. Sadly, the week delay has pushed Christmas and Woodford into my time of worst fatigue (side effects). I am just trying to take a day at a time and enjoy celebrating with my lovely family.


I am still attempting to keep fit by climbing steps. Here I am at Kangaroo Point after my treatment on Monday.

10 thoughts on “HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone!”

  1. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and Woodford. May the energy from those around you and the wonderful music and vibes at Woodford lessen the side effects. Love Danni xx

  2. All the best for Christmas and the New Year Alison. You are a true inspiration to all. Keep up the figh. My prayers are always with you. xxx

  3. Bit disappointing, but better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick, as they say. Good news about the blood though and you haven’t yet finished the other so that could make all the difference? Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas xxx

  4. Ah! Those stairs are a challenge for the best of fitness – you are amazing! Keep up the awesome fight – hope you get to have loads of fun at Xmas & Woodford.
    Love & Hugs – Cliff & Gina

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