My full treatment is 6 x monthly cycles and I had my 3rd dose last Monday, so I’m cheering to be halfway through.

The first week is the worst, but this cycle was better than last time. I know the reason why. The miraculous new anti-nausea remedy (emend + aloxie) was unavailable in cycle 2. I felt wretched for a few days last month, but I got through it, and of course the contrast is fabulous when nausea, fatigue and pain start to ease.Chemo3

Painful mouth ulcers were a problem this last few weeks despite my care with salty mouthwashes etc. I ended up asking the GP for help, and eventually it cleared with ointment from the chemist.

I wish I could say I’m getting signs that the chemo is shrinking the cancer, but so far not yet. Most of the tumours are deep in my torso. Not even CA125 is helpful at the moment because the cancer marker has been consistently low for a few years. A scan before my next dose will tell us what’s going on.

I’m ok and coping well. A couple of weeks hiding away at Mum’s place was a tonic last month. From there we also popped down to Canberra for my friend’s book launch. I felt so excited and lucky to be there!

Going for a spin in an electric buggy at the National Gallery

6 thoughts on “Halfway”

  1. Well done Alison! Wishing you the best for the scans!
    Love the scooter! Hope they let you have a real spin to test it out 🙂
    Hugs Gina

  2. Good to know you’re coping and the anti nausea treatment is now available. Sounds good as I know a lot of people who find that the worst bit by far. Fingers crossed for a positive result with the scan xx

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