Chemo starts today

I’m starting chemo today – carboplatin again if I can tolerate it, with caelyx (I haven’t had before). I will have one day of introvenous treatment every 4 weeks for 6 months.

This week the pain in my hip and spine has been very bad and I could hardly walk without more and stronger painkillers. I’m going to love any improvement at all, so this helps me accept it is time to go for the heavy toxin approach.

In the past these platinum-based compounds have served me well so I hope the tumours are still sensitive to them. It is my 4th chemo, so this is pushing it for the cancer to still respond, but in my favour is the good long gap of 3 years since last time. My oncologist sounds optimistic and I love that she also has a back-up plan (or several) as usual. It’s a great support to have had so many years with my trusted medical team. They know me well too by now, and it all helps things to go more smoothly and for me to sleep at nights.

I started on the pre-meds yesterday for the process of desensitisation to carbo. The steroids counteracted my drowsiness from all the other drugs so I had a good day and loved my choir night with Janet visiting too. Everyone gave me my first Sonic Hug! It’s a special improvised loving sound bath with me receiving in the centre of the circle.

At the beach with family. Clockwise from top L – John, Evan, Helen, Me, Kerrie, Maddie ❤

I am getting very slow to reply to messages and I apologise now that I think I’ll going to lose my grip on it all. I fall asleep lots and I have to accept a different lifestyle for a while. Please check in here for updates.

Thank you all for your thoughts and love, kind wishes, prayers, crossing fingers, pressing thumbs, spells, oms, healing vibes, nellies and support! We’ve done this together before so here goes …

13 thoughts on “Chemo starts today”

  1. May this round of treatment work quickly so the pain is minimized and you get your energy back. You are so strong. Amazing. Good luck.

  2. Again and again, you are such an inspiration to stay strong with our challenges – thank you. Loads of love and energy coming your way. Gina & Cliff

  3. Lots of love Alison. Our thoughts are with you. You are very precious and we love you very much.
    Love Judith and John XXOO

  4. Best wishes with your latest round of Chemo – sounds like your medical team are firmly with you on your journey along the medical conveyor belt. Glad to hear that despite the pain you are endeavouring to keep cheerful. My thoughts are with you. xx

  5. Dear Alison, you’ve always been an inspiration to us but even more so now that Robert is also progressing through chemo treatment. Now we understand rather more the trials and tribulations that go with it ! We think of you often and will focus on tumour shrinking when we think of you over the next few months.
    Much love, Alison and Robert

  6. All our Blessings & Light, Alison. We’re with you in spirit. Forget replying – we don’t expect or need it. You have sent wonderful posts which keep us informed. We’re full of wonder at your incredible strength & resilience. We look forward to improved energy & pain relief.

  7. Sorry to hear u r back to chemo again Ali. Thinking of you and hoping for a good result with this combo. Love the ‘sonic’ hug.. so much love & so special 💞
    Sending strength and healing vibes your way, love Carolyn 🦋

  8. Hi Alison
    Go well our friend – we hope the chemo hits the mark and the tumour and pain goes quickly.
    Much love Amanda and Peter

  9. Relax, don’t worry about sleeping more. Just do what your body needs you to do.
    We are all standing beside you all the time, even if we are not physically there.
    Love always

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