Making the most of well days

I had a scan 2 weeks’ ago and I’m sad to say it showed the cancer is progressing. There are 6 tiny lymph tumours in my abdomen and chest that are now slightly bigger than they were in April. The largest is only 24mm, and the rate of growth is slow, but I will need more treatment soon. Some of the tumours are too deep for surgery or radiation, therefore I will probably need to have chemotherapy again.

My oncologist says there is no hurry because the cancer is growing at a slow rate. While I am feeling well, no one wants me to rush into treatment that has unpleasant side effects.  The question seems to be how much longer can I function with this pain?
Well, I’m enjoying Helen’s last weeks here before she returns to London, so it’s easy – I don’t want chemo till after she goes.

I also have an exciting big event at the beginning of September, a conference for the New Economy Network. I’m involved in organising a LETS market showcase outside the conference, as well as being on the program for a number of presentations. I had to say to the doctors that I really need a few more weeks for building a new economy for Australia please!

So this is the plan, to carry on with increased painkillers for another month. Then I will discuss chemo with the medical team.OrangeHeader

The conference is on Facebook here.


12 thoughts on “Making the most of well days”

  1. How dare they grow again! Enjoy you time with Helen & at the conference.
    The Chemo has worked for you before, it can do it again.
    Thinking of you always my wonderful sister.
    Love Deb

  2. Hi Alison I hope the conference is great! Hope your pain relief is good and lets you do what you want for as long as you need, How rotten to have to face chemo again! I’m sure you’ll face it determined to find the positive. Big hugs and warm wishes. Love Jodie


  3. Hi Alison, have fun with Helen and good luck with the conference, I hope the pain killers will keep you going until you start your next round of treatment. Seems to be more and more new drugs coming on the market so here’s hoping the next one will be the one that’s just right for you
    Love, Danni

  4. Bugger! I had the feeling yesterday that ‘things’ were not that good with you. C has worked for you before, and will do again, but enjoy your time now of course. You are such a wonderful example on how to live.

  5. Damn, damn , damn. How disappointing. I agree, wait a bit till Helen goes back and you get all your other stuff organised before committing to more treatment. Huge bummer mate.

  6. Hi Alison, I am sorry to hear you are coping with pain and some challenges ahead. Best for a lovely time with Helen and what a conference! great stuff. Much love, Alison

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