Three Ss

Lots of people are asking how I am – thank you. I’ve been wanting to post an update but it’s hard to know what to write. Ow! and Puke! come to mind.

The three Ss are Sore, Sick and Sleepy.

Me on my birthday

As predicted, with radiation the pain is worse than before, plus nausea. I’m taking opiate painkillers and these make me cross-eyed and sleepy. They also make me more nauseous, so I’m taking anti-nausea medication. All these pills cause constipation and that increases the pain… and after vomiting I wasn’t sure which pills I’d lost.

Other things I’ve tried include heat packs, ice packs, swimming and hula hooping.

Yesterday was the worst day but actually the other days I had couple of hours feeling ok, and able to have some fun, thank goodness. I’m in my bed sleeping most of the time.

Importantly, the radiation is hitting the targets and my Mum says the little so-and-sos must be squirming! I’m nearly half way through the treatment with only 6 sessions to go.

12 thoughts on “Three Ss”

  1. Six treatments to go. You can do it. You’ve been through so much worse before and that’s made you strong.
    soon your tumour will be dead as a doornail and you’ll be able to return to the your favourite activities.
    Lots of love

  2. I’m sorry to hear that,, but nearly over. Di d they not suggest ginger for the nausea? I thought it was a standard protocol, even with other things. Happy birthday! You’re 1 day after me!

    Louisa x

    1. Thanks Louisa, oh yes ginger! Definitely!! Ginger & lemon in hot water to drink, and I always have an assortment of wonderful ginger lollies in my bag. I should have mentioned that.
      Now I come to think of it, I also have ‘sea-bands’ in my drawer so I’ll fish them out and put them on my wrists – soft elastic bands with a button to press on a certain ‘pressure point’ – surprisingly effective for nausea.
      And happy birthday to you too! A great week to celebrate x

  3. Sending you rays of bright light & energy! Hopefully the yuckiness will decrease so the last few sessions are not so bad. Stay strong! Love Gina

  4. Knowing you are going through all this ow and puke is having us all sitting around wishing like hell there was something we could do to make it easier, and wanting very much for it to be very effective in zapping the little rotters. Sounds like a computer game! Give them some zaps from the inside for John and me please! Quite happy to see them disintegrate. Counting the days.

  5. Sorry to hear it’s so bad. As long as it does the trick I guess . Not a great way to spend your birthday though. You must be so fed up with feeling rotten. Wish I could say something to help but I know it’s your grit getting you through which I admire so much. I honestly don’t know how I’d cope with everything you been through. Hang in there kiddo xx

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