Moving from Caring Bridge to WordPress

Sorry for the delay in letting you know my latest news, especially as it’s not the happy “no news” message I love to give. I wanted to start 2017 by announcing the move to the alisphere.

Moving my old health journal from Caring Bridge to WordPress has been my dream for 3 or 4 years. It wasn’t easy to achieve. I couldn’t have done it without the knowledge and efforts of Evan Maggs. Thanks Evan ❤

fishcbbutton3I’m grateful to Caring Bridge for hosting my blog for 7 years. It started off well and I have had thousands of ‘visits’, but recently it has not been ideal. The settings changed so no one could read my CB posts without having a password to log in. Sorry for those of you who found it off-putting. And I’m embarrassed that Caring Bridge has been asking for money on my behalf!

Caring Bridge is perfect if you have to dictate your posts for toddlers to type, or you’re under anaesthetic, or you’ve had brain surgery or some other crisis where you need the absolutely simplest basic platform, especially if you’re so ill that you won’t live long enough to get frustrated with the limitations. For everyone else I think it has too many disadvantages, for example it was maddening that I couldn’t post many pictures nor customise the format.

I have left my old posts on Caring Bridge but Evan has copied them all across here, so there’s really no need to go back to CB at all and fiddle around with a password. To find your way around my ovarian cancer story in the alisphere, please go to the Ovca Journal page for hints, including links to various short summaries. My story is already rather long (Lucky for me!)

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