Why did the bird go to the hospital?

For tweetment!

I qualified for the Rucaparib trial – hooray! Actually this clinical trial includes all genetic types (contrary to what I wrote last time) and will follow our success or otherwise, so in future a genetic test will be available to determine who is best for this treatment.

I started taking the tablets last night and so far so good. I'm told I may experience nausea, fatigue and other side effects, but I'm thinking, surely it won't be as bad as chemo!

Just to recap, this is a new drug which kills only cancer cells and it acts by interfering with the DNA repair process. There is a big variety of mutations involved in ovarian cancer. Slowly the research is uncovering some of them and finding drugs for treating the different types. There's about a 25% chance that my tumour genetics are a match for this treatment. If rucaparib works for me it will slow or stop the tumour growth or even shrink them. If it doesn't work, I'll drop out of the trial and go for more chemo instead.

I've been getting to know the medical team at my new hospital, RBWH, and learning to find my way around. I changed campus for now because my doctor at the Mater found this suitable trial at the other hospital and arranged for me to be in it.

Meanwhile sometimes I feel like I am living a double life. As you know, I'm very enthusiastic about LETS so I have been finding opportunities to talk about community exchange systems and giving lectures on the topic around the city. Then there are days when I put on my other hat and pose as a sicko at the hospital, waiting for hours for appointments, scans, blood tests and so on. I feel very fortunate that my life is so full and meaningful!

5 thoughts on “Why did the bird go to the hospital?”

  1. Yippee. Go Rucaparib! How much are you going into RBWH? How much is being at home? Do you need lifts in/back? Can I cook something nice for you (would love your menu choice please and I'll deliver it over as a romantic dinner for 2:-) Will be very keen to hear how you are finding it being on the tablets. Love to you wonderful lady.

  2. I do so hope that Rucabarid is the treatment for your ovarian cancer type and will wipe out those tumours so you can cut down your trips to hospital and spend more time to talk about LETS and to dance and play music. I do so love your heading about the bird going to hospital. You must be such an inspiration to others at the hospital.

  3. Good news Alison! All energy with you that this does what it should. Missing you this weekend! Love and hugs from us all

  4. Thanks Alison. Great you qualified for this trial. You sound busy + full of beans and positive as always. Might see you in a few weeks..see how it goes. Packing up slowly and organising for trip. big hug + my support, as always. Love you. xxxx

  5. Hi Ali, I'm so glad to hear you are on the trial – more hope. I think of you most days as I also think of my friend here who has the same disease. She has recovered fro the operation and started Chemo three weeks ago. At first she was ok but was hit with several bouts of severe breathlessness as well as the usual side effects. She was told this was normal – sadly – for the drug she is on (can't remember it, old age getting the better of me but I will ask her again) but it wore off after a few days. She is no looking forward to next Thursday when she receives the next dose. Hilary has many friends as well as three girls and five grandchildren to keep her going and is doing fine. She was interested to hear of your progress but not yet ready to take up your offer of a correspondence. Please keep cheerful lots of sort-of relations are rootnig for you over here. love Jane

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