Oh the ups and the downs!

I had a little blip at the weekend, feeling lousy and sleeping most of the time. On Sunday night my temperature rose and I began to suspect infection, but on Monday morning I was full of energy again and fever gone.

On Tuesday the drain was removed from my wound site and I'm loving the freedom from wearing the bag! However it was a long long day in hospital while they discussed what to do about a possible abscess in my leg. I hadn't realised this could be the explanation for the tightness and pain in my thigh, and the experts aren't sure either, mainly deducing from my story of symptoms. Eventually I was sent away with antibiotics.

And today I'm up up and away to FNQ and looking forward to it. The medical team gave me the go ahead. This is what the doctors mean by quality of life – they make it a priority to schedule my treatment to fit between my 2 exciting pre-booked trips to the Tablelands. Thank you! Last time was a month ago when I was involved in Ian Reece's celebration and now it's the National LETS conference where I'm giving the opening address. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Oh the ups and the downs!”

  1. Have fun up north and enjoy the warm weather. I'm sure your opening speech will be well-received and the conference a good chance to forget about medical issues for a while. Hope the antibiotics sort out your leg problems. Hope you have time for some invigorating music while in the Tablelands and enjoy catching up with friends. Love Danni

  2. Ups and downs indeed lovely Alison! Hope the antibiotics work a treat and you have a lovely visit to Tablelands! It was so nice to see your face on the photos of Ian's celebration! xxx Jane

  3. Oh dear Alison, sorry to miss seeing you again. Thank goodness for good old antibiotics. Your strength and general fortitude continue to be an inspiration. Love from Maine.

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