I’m home!

Actually I only stayed in hospital for 4 days, and came home on Saturday. It was 2 days of strict bed rest – as-in completely immobilised in bed – then 2 days when I could walk around a bit. The Mater Mothers Hospital is really comfortable and I received excellent care. I feel very fortunate to have had such a good experience overall!

I'm mending well although I'm a bit sore now that I'm more active. I'm taking it easy and I still have a drain sticking out of the wound so lymph fluid doesn't build up at the site. Anyway, I'm happy with my progress and I've been really appreciating all of your lovely messages. Thank you!! xxx

7 thoughts on “I’m home!”

  1. Good news…. take it easy…. hope you've found a good book to read or something to occupy your time! Maybe a new card design or two?

  2. Good. This is all such good news. Thank you + also for my birthday wishes. Thinking of you + hope you'll be around mid-year (end June – mid July?) for a catch up?

  3. Good news. Thank for such good news + for my birthday wishes. Hope you'll be around mid- year – June /July for a catch up 🙂 xxxx

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