Feeling the love

My first day was exciting and day 2 seemed more peaceful. No pain, which the pharmacists tell me is thanks to a very skilful surgeon.

According to the doctors it was a very good operation with no damage to blood vessels. The surgeon said he removed 100% of the tumour, peeling it off the vein and muscle. It's quite a long cut, glued shut – no stitches (on the outside at least). Amazing!

Th blob has gone to pathology so we might all find out later how many lymph nodes I lost, and how many I have left.

The team meeting next Monday will advise me whether I should have radiation therapy.

The specialist reminded me this surgery is to extend my chemo-free time, with no illusions that it's a cure as the other tumours will probably grow eventually and I'll need further treatment. Quality of life is their goal for me and I'm on board with this.

I've just reread what I wrote last time because my family said they thought I was a bit 'high'! Happy herbs in my drip? Well I did have some narcotics at first but the medicos assure me they would have worn off quickly and have been gone by the time I was gushing, showing off, and bopping with my visitors.

I have been stuck in bed all this time and now pleased to hear today is the day I can try getting up. We're still not sure how much longer I'll be in hospital. I think it will depend on what lymph fluid issues arise when I try walking around.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes and cheering messages! I love them all xxx

4 thoughts on “Feeling the love”

  1. Hope you have enough lymph nodes left to function in your normal happy manner. Great that they got the entire tumour; how wonderful to have such a good surgeon. Lots of talented people out there that don't always get the credit they deserve. Do keep us posted on the team meeting. Love Danni

  2. You're an awesome Girl! Well done to you & your team! Keep up the great work & keep that cancer away! love Gina

  3. Great news of your successful surgery. Sending lots of love from Auntie Marion and Uncle Peter. x x We all think of you often! How wonderful to have such a supportive team to help you overcome each obstacle…. Sending lots of hugs to you from Sue and Geoff. x x

  4. The tumour removal reads like it was such a precision carefully and well done op. Very encouraging. LOVE your spirit.

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