Right inguinal lymphodectomy – remove lump from groin (NOT a sex change as my kids tease me!)

Surgery all done. It’s amazing! I must have slept through it. Ha ha – yes I sure did, with a general anaesthetic. I was 2nd on the list so it was a very early start this morning and minimal waiting around.

Now I’m awake I feel surprisingly ok so far. I’m in a tangle of leads and lines of course but I’m glad I can wriggle around to get more comfortable.

img_0481I’m in the beautiful Mater Mothers hospital, on the side with a city view. That fits because I feel like I’m still in the human race and likely to go home before long (a few days I guess). The rooms on the other side of the building with the heavenly figtree views have been for times of serious escape from the world (in my experience).

My surgeon and nurses so far have friendly familiar faces from last time (2009) and it has been easy for me to feel relaxed and trusting. I love these robotic trousers that are gently massaging my legs!

John was with me and my beloved kids and sister will be here to visit me soon. Also I will have a report from the surgeon when he’s ready.

Good riddance to that nasty tumour!

10 thoughts on “Right inguinal lymphodectomy – remove lump from groin (NOT a sex change as my kids tease me!)”

  1. Great to hear the surgery is done and you'll soon be out of hospital. Like the sound of the robotic massage trousers. Trust there will be minimal side effects and pain once that general has worn off. Love Danni xxx

  2. Hi Alison Glad to hear all is well. the robotic trousers sound interesting. What else can they do!!!! Thinking of you. Love Mxx

  3. Yes good riddance to that nasty tumour! Here's to a speedy recovery and cosy times with family and friends. Love from Maine, Helen

  4. Hi Alison, We are thinking of you and hoping you recover quickly from your operation. It sounds like you are in great hands. Love Judith and John XO❤️💐🌺

  5. Well done Alison. You look and sound great. Thanks for your great effort getting this blog out there so soon. Xxx Annette

  6. Wow, back in hospital, and enjoying it? Love to try out those trousers! Wishing you to be well soon and going home though.

  7. Good to hear you are recovering so well, and are appreciating the views…look forward to singing again soon!

  8. Very good to hear from you, Alison. have been thinking of you daily. Will message you on Facebook privately ..keep on getting better 🙂 xxxx

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