As I rode in to fair Brisboin, I met a gal who had no groin…

Well I saw the specialists yesterday and I am booked in for surgery at the Mater in Brisbane on 28th April.

I’m glad it’s the same kind and helpful surgeon who I’ve had before (5 years’ ago) as it’s reassuring to go ahead with someone I already trust.

I expect to be in hospital about 5days, the op might take a couple of hours under general anaesthetic to remove just the enlarged lymph from my groin, which will still leave me with other lymphs to do their work, so hopefully I’ll get back to reasonably normal eventually.

As far as I understand, surgery is usually the recommended first plan whenever it’s possible, rather than other more debilitating treatment methods, so I can be glad I have this option.

Some may remember my little poem from years’ ago when I first began to say goodbye to my groin (Aug 20, 2011) so perhaps my grieving process has already been underway.

In any case, this, my 4th time going for cancer treatment, I am feeling rather calm (like an old hand at it) and very optimistic.


5 thoughts on “As I rode in to fair Brisboin, I met a gal who had no groin…”

  1. Hi Alison, good to hear your update. And all the best for the surgery. You will be leaving hospital about the same time I am finishing my art therapy prac! Hope to see you in the mid-year. Love Sara

  2. love your poem alison! thanx for the update n great to see ur optimism and good luck with ur surgery. i believe u might be able to make next mths dance first….24th i believe:). healing thoughts from storm ox

  3. Glad you have the same surgeon and are feeling positive; loved the reread of the poem original and your take. Sense of humour so important for the healing process. Good luck on April 28th. Love Danni

  4. Ali, very sorry I have not been in touch or ages – life is hectic for a variety of reasons. V sorry also to hear you are under the knife again but stay strong and we are sure you will regain the lost ground again. Your record is fantastic so far. Whenever I read your blog I recall your visit and how delightful it was to have you John and Helen to stay even for a few days. We are thinking of you always loveJane and Godfrey

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