Surgery possible

Thank you dear ones for your messages and kind wishes and just for being with me for the long haul. It’s turning out to be a long journey (and that’s a good thing!!) and I must tell you again that your friendship and support makes a huge difference. If anyone ever wonders how to cope with health challenges, the answer is all about connection with wonderful family and friends!

Here is my news:

The 3 remaining little tumours in my pelvis (near vital organs) have NOT grown any bigger!! HOORAY!

This is different to my previous experience. Twice before I noticed new lump in my groin and the scans showed that there were hidden tumours that were even bigger and more serious than the one I could feel.

Therefore this time I have lots of options for treatment of the “inguinal” tumour, but no urgency it seems. My medical team (oncologist, radiologist, surgeon, etc) met to discuss whose turn it is to help me this time. They recommend surgery, and I will have another appointment soon to ask my zillion questions about it. Until then I can’t really say much more here.

7 thoughts on “Surgery possible”

  1. Hi Alison, Great, I'll put the kettle on! Not to make light of the prospect of surgery etc, I just like the 'no urgency' bit. We have a phone here on Cocos and I am thinking to ring you soon. Lots a love.

  2. A trouble shared is a trouble halved. Sorry to hear that you are back on the medical conveyor belt again and that surgery is looming, but glad that you're keeping positive. xx

  3. Great news that the tumours haven't grown any bigger. Good luck with the surgery. Thinking of you. Love Danni

  4. Ok. thank you for that news. Have to digest it as you must be….glad others haven't grown.xxxx much love,darling

  5. Hi Alison… sounds like better are so fit and strong surgery will be a breeze !! Much love from us … i think of you often and hope to visit some time this year…big hugs xox Jane and Anders and boys.

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