Watch this space

I've had a wonderful carefree summer, swimming every day and feeling relaxed and healthy!

Today I saw my specialist oncologist for a 3-month check-up. A blood test showed my cancer marker (CA125) is still very low (11). However, I have been noticing my right groin is a little bit lumpy again and the doctor agreed. She recommended I have a scan to determine the size of any tumours. I'll do that tomorrow and go back to see her on Monday.

Unfortunately this seems very similar to my experience twice before when those swollen lymphs in my groin were the first sign that the cancer was growing again. Previously there were also tumours in other lymph nodes deep in my pelvis and they had become even bigger than the external one that I could feel. Of course I'm hoping to be lucky this time and find that the hidden tumours are smaller (or have disappeared!)

Anyway, we talked a little about some of the chemo options that might be available to me. Groan!

You can imagine I am very disappointed – but waiting to find out more. I'll let you know next week …

5 thoughts on “Watch this space”

  1. I do so hope your autumn will be as carefree as your summer and there is no need for further chemo.

  2. dear ali. sorry to hear of ur unsetling news. lotsa healing thoughts from me and am inspired from reading old posts on ur blog of how brave, courageous n positive u r xx

  3. So glad to hear you've been having fun darling x x x sorry it has to be interrupted, I am sure you know all about the wonderful results they have been having with the Blush wood tree here in Yungaburra, They are starting Human testing, surely they could spare a bit for a long time local who has been uprooted x x x Lots of love and light always

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