2015 summary

In 2015 things were going well until a nightmarish repeat of finding a lump in my right groin. So continued the rollercoaster ride… The scans showed the inguinal lymph node was the only one to have grown out of the suite of little tumours I still had. Hooray! In April I had surgery to remove that one, but by June the rest of the tumours had increased in size. Boo! The cancer was very slow-growing so I took the opportunity to try another hormone blocking tablet, letrozole. However that didn’t help and I suffered increasing aches and pains in the abdomen. By September it was necessary to start a stronger treatment and I was expecting more chemo.

Just then my specialist heard that the Arial 2 clinical trial at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital might accept me despite my previous treatment history. In October I jumped over to the other hospital (RBWH) and signed up for this trial. I began taking rucaparib which is an innovative targetted therapy in tablet form (no placebo). The cancer responded well and my pain went away. Happiness!

Read my posts from 2015 starting here.

In case you need a different format here is a pdf file with the original blog posts from Caring Bridge during 2015. Remember to scroll to the very bottom and read in reverse order if you want the story to flow chronologically.
In the pdf I’m sorry there are some cross-referencing links that don’t work after transfer from the original site (Caring Bridge). Also there may be mention of photos that aren’t there. I RECOMMEND STAYING IN THE ALISPHERE AND READING THE POSTS WHICH MOSTLY HAVE BETTER PICTURES AND FORMATTING.

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