3-month Smiles

I’ve had a happy 3 months of good health since recovering from chemo, and yesterday at my check-up appointment the news was terrific! Scans showed the tumours have shrunk further and now all are smaller than 2cm in diameter. My CA125 (cancer marker in the blood test) is now 6. That’s very low. So no worries for now – celebrations!

Already I’m celebrating this month because it’s 5 years since my diagnosis with ovarian cancer. It’s a wonderful milestone for those who can say cancer-free for 5 years, but with ovarian cancer, even survival to 5 years is amazing. I won’t quote the ghastly stats – they’re easily found on the internet and prominently displayed on posters and billboards in the ovca awareness campaign. It is a sad situation, as I have also experienced with the tragic loss of some fellow patients along the way. But enough gloom. I’m rejoicing that I feel fabulous and full of energy.

I’m overjoyed to be announcing happy news at this time of year to cheer you all, my cherished supporters – family, friends, neighbours and fellow survivors. Thank you! xxx

10 thoughts on “3-month Smiles”

  1. Thanks for your good news. Lovely to see you and John recently. I gave John a photo of our lunch together.

  2. Congratulations Alison. So happy for you. It was great to have you back in Yungaburra for a while and we miss you now you're back in the Big Smoke. But I hope you've settled in and looking forward to a lovely Christmas. 🙂

  3. Fantastic news – I am on a long term effects of treatment study now. Went to Auckland for a week without my immunosuppressant meds a couple of weeks ago. No noticeable effect. Off to Christchurch tonight – Contradances – it's great fun. love Gary

  4. That's fantastic news to receive before the festive season, you can really relax and enjoy. Hope to see you at Woodford.

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