A good result

I passed the blood test with flying colours yesterday, at my check-up 2 months after finishing chemo. My CA125 was only 8. Woo hoo! Remember, anything below 35 is insignificant, so my low level is fantastic!

I feel I am back to full health again now, with no lingering symptoms from the chemo, thankfully.

Was I worried? Well, I didn’t think so, but maybe there was something more than a niggle at some level because I walked out of the doctor’s room feeling a huge rush of relief, gratitude and happiness!

My next check-up is in another 8 weeks.

8 thoughts on “A good result”

  1. Hi Alison, Great news! Very happy for you. Admire the fortitude that you have and wish you all the best as you continue to make great progress. Lots of love, Ivy

  2. Jeezum, you are amazing. Happy to get this news. Let's swim in Eacham soon. I will be back by the end of November. Much love, Helen

  3. Wonderful news about your excellent blood test results! We are so happy for you. What great news! Love XXOO

  4. Hey I know that feeling!!!! and with a hint of mango too. Oh I am sooooo pleased for you. Really!!! That has to feel like a new start. Enjoy net 7 weeks. Week 8 is always nerve wracking. love annette

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