Chemo success!

Oops! I think I lost August.

I was laid low for nearly all that time and now I'm very happy to say I'm starting to feel human again.

And importantly, my latest scan and blood test showed a good response to the chemo. Of the 5 tumours I had in March, now there are only 4 and they have all shrunk, the largest being only 25.5mm in diameter. That's so small that really they're not a worry. Here's hoping they stay small for a good while! My CA125 (cancer marker in the blood) is down to 10 – nice and low!

I'm really cheered by these results and I'm enjoying starting to feel more energetic.

Thanks to you dear family and friends for watching this space and sending kind wishes and support. It has all helped, and see – we did it together! xxx

11 thoughts on “Chemo success!”

  1. Well done Alison .You did it all by yourself and you deserve the good news .Now enjoy the smell and feel of spring xx

  2. Way to Go Alison. I am still clogged up and conscious of your low immunity.. Very pleased to hear you out the other end again. Good news. Start enjoying the good life once more in your lovely new home. Can I come on a games noght with Kerrie soon? That sounds alot of fun. xxx Annette

  3. good work , Alison. hang in there! I cannot imagine what it must be like. staggers even my fertile imagination….. xchristine

  4. Hi Alison, great to see you bouncing back again. I don't say much, but I do read all your up dates. Might we see you at the Yungaburra Folk Festival this year ? Hope so……….

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