2nd last cycle over

I had my chemo Day 8 dose of gemcitabine without any problems on Tuesday. I am relieved that my blood count was fine this week, so no delay. It means that now I can look ahead to my LAST cycle and mark it on the calendar!

Of course, not having had the complete dose of carboplatin on Day 1 would have been a factor that helped my blood count recover in time. It’s not a good thing that I couldn’t have the recommended volume of the drug due to a bad reaction, and I have been very concerned about this glitch in my treatment.

For my next cycle my specialist recommends that I have the alternative platinum drug, cisplatin. She says they are equally effective, so this should give the cancer a last hit. Phew!

Cisplatin takes longer at 5 hours in the drip compared with 1 hour for carbo. Also cisplatin can cause more nausea and unpleasant side effects. (These are the reasons that carbo is usually preferred.) So that’s what’s ahead for me next time, but I’m not worried now I can see the end of chemo in sight. 🙂

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