More Neutropenia

What's been happening here? More neutropenia – that's the term for low white blood cell count. I feel fine, but am just vulnerable to infection so I need to be careful.

Cycle 4 went ahead with full chemo on Day 1, and I had that nasty reaction as I described last time.

One week later on Day 8 I was turned away because of low neutrophils. My doctor said to skip that dose of gemcitabine and proceed to Cycle 5 without delays, so I have just enjoyed a fortnight of high energy and well being. Very nice!

I rolled up today expecting another Day 1 but my neutrophil count is still too low, so now I do have a delay.

Surely next week my blood will be ready for more chemo. Also my specialist is calculating a slightly reduced dose of gem, keeping up the amount of platinum drug (carboplatin), aiming to prevent such devastation of my white blood cells next time.

At least we are reassuring ourselves that the cancer has also been hit hard each time. Also I am happily focused on the end of chemo (Cycle 6) which is coming into view despite the struggles.

6 thoughts on “More Neutropenia”

  1. Goodo. Thanks for the info on your progress. Yup…end of chemo coming up. Keep focussed on that + the shrinking of the tumours. You doing good! xxx

  2. you have had a tough time of it, but hopefully it will be all worth while. At least you have your new house to distract you. xxx

  3. HEY THAT END IS IN SIGHT. What a rollercoaster for you. Lucky you are tucked away in your bushy nest out there . Have you had that fire cranked up lately? Thinking of you Ali.

  4. Hi Alison I hope they find a cure for this. Basd on my experience it is possible, I am left with nothing more than a mild bit of graft vs host disease, which means I got prescribed eye drops today!!!

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