Cycle 2 – carbogem

Everything is going ok with chemo Cycle 2. Last Tuesday (over a week ago) I was very happy to hear the doctor say my bloods were “perfect” – neutrophils, total white blood cells, platelets and haemoglobin. Clearly all had dropped, signifying the toxins were strong enough even at 80%, but climbed again to just over the threshold by Day 8, allowing Dose 2 (with just the one drug, gemcitabine).

The doctor asked about my experience of side effects after Dose 1 on Day 1 (the double whammy) and I told her, “Now I know how Jesus Christ felt: Good Friday was a baaaad day!” She listened about my nausea, vomiting, headaches and temperatures, then prescribed an additional pill for next time that should help me.

Meanwhile last week again on Friday and Saturday I felt low, but not too bad.

And now I’m enjoying my week off! 🙂

I still have my hair, although some falls out every time I run my fingers through it. I’m not game to use a brush or comb. They say it will just become thinner, so we’ll see how far this goes.

Did I tell you that already I can notice a big reduction in the size of the tumours (the ones I can feel)? Hooray!

6 thoughts on “Cycle 2 – carbogem”

  1. Hi Alison, Great to hear some good news (name of a book about JC too and as you say he a had a rough time of it as well) I'm all for shrinking tumours and good blood and enjoying your week off! Looking forward to catching up soon. Lots a love, Binzi

  2. Hi Alison How brilliant that you can notice reduced tumour size, that is so good and must be worth those bad Fridays. Enjoy your week off and hopefully with the extra pill you bad days won't be so bad. Cheers Danni

  3. Great news about your self evaluation of tumours! Bugger that the Good Friday was a write off but rejoice in the toxins available to you to do the work. I am certain you are. It sounds miserable though. When can I visit…..?

  4. Great to hear your tumors are shrinking! What powerful medicine. Thanks for giving us the happy news. XO

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