Hello from hospital!

I'm in hospital under observation because I felt feverish last night. This has never happened to me before, but it is impressed upon us chemo patients to go to the Emergency Department without delay if ever we have symptoms of fever. Infection can be dangerous without sufficient white blood cells to combat it. I felt unwell and shivery cold, but no infection could be found despite a thorough investigation by the Mater doctors. Actually, last night's tests showed my blood count is normal again (just 2 days after I was told 'no chemo' due to neutropenia). I'm very happy about this! I think it means I am fighting off something, and winning.

This morning I felt well and determined to get some exercise, encouraged by the doctor. I was hooked up to IV fluids and the apparatus was on a pole fixed to the bed. There had been some talk about a portable pole, but I was in a busy ward with some very sick patients and the nurses were run off their feet. I yanked out the heavy bed-pole and, carrying it over my shoulder, I set off to do some laps of the ward and climb some stairs. Well this caused a bit of a stir, and a portable pole was found for me very quickly! I am sorry for causing trouble, although I've learned that sometimes a little mischief sends a message that I'm well and it's time to send me home.

However, after lunch my temperature rose again for a while, so here I still am, dressed in thick white stockings and a ridiculous back-to-front gown. Really I'm ok so don't worry. Hopefully I can leave the hospital tomorrow, and go ahead with chemo on Tuesday.

6 thoughts on “Hello from hospital!”

  1. The image of you ripping out the bed pole had us laughing out loud! Hope you get out soon, thinking of you.

  2. I've noticed that the patients that are quiet and unassuming often miss out on attention from the staff who are always so busy so keep up your antics and do get well quickly. I'm sure you don't want to spend your "days off" in hospital. Hope you're okay for chemo on Tuesday so it can get to work on the tumours. .

  3. Sorry to hear about your temperature problem, but the vision of you hoisting the IV pole over your shoulder did give me a chuckle! Well done. Step aside Homer – now its time for Fred or Wilma? Keep smiling and hope you get out on Friday. xx

  4. Good to hear you are still the same old Alison! Taking matters into your own hands. I pity the poor nurses. Cheers, and I hope you are out of there soon.

  5. Hi Alison, we do hope you get to go home soon and then start the next round soon… you are so brave and our thoughts are with you … much love from all of us… Leif turns 30 and we will be having a party for him tomorrow…the weather is not that good but we will adapt of course ! bug hugs Jane xox

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