Who sheds tears over NOT having chemo?

Yes, I'm having another week's delay and feeling frustrated and impatient. Now my platelets are fine but my neutrophils (white blood cells) have dropped again. I can't go ahead with chemo until my body has recovered from that single nasty blast of drugs 3 weeks' ago.

The initial dose is calculated according to height, weight and renal function, but it is a bit approximate. There is commonly an adjustment after seeing the individual response shown in the blood results. In my case it seems the mixture was too strong for me and we will proceed with 80% dose from now on. The good thing is that the powerful toxins must have hit the tumours just as hard as my good cells. My doctor is reassuring me that I will recover, and I will be back in the program soon – hopefully next week.

They say there is nothing I can do to help this process – no special foods, supplements, exercises or medicine. For ovarian cancer the goal is to find the suitable dose, even if it means waiting for recovery. There is no evidence for improved outcome after giving higher doses of chemo with immune-booster injections as they do for breast cancer.

Meanwhile now my hair is starting to fall out. Crikey! I was told to expect some “thinning” but at this rate I'm wondering if this is just a euphamism and, like Homer, I'll end up very proud of my 3 remaining hairs.

7 thoughts on “Who sheds tears over NOT having chemo?”

  1. Take care Alison, having to wait is such a pain in the butt. Pity they say diet won't help. I ate lots of mushrooms & green vegetables which I love, along with a good steak 🙂 when my neutrophils were down. Not sure if it worked but something I enjoyed eating. Sending hugs your way. xox

  2. Unfortunately, Homer, you are on the medical conveyor belt which is prone to hiccups! Its not easy when you are psyched up for something to happen and there are delays, but hang in there until the medics resolve the problem and get you back online. My thoughts are with you. xx

  3. Oh Alison I can imagine your frustration but I can see that despite this you still have your sense of humour, even if not all you hair. I do hope you'll be back on track next week with your 80% dose and that from now all it will go smoothly for you. Thinking of you. xxx

  4. Hey Ali. Double eged sword but I know which side I would want to cutting with at present. Are you feeling the effects of the low neutrophils? Does it present as fatigue more than usual? Bugger about your hair AGAIN!!!!! Winter too so lots of wee woolie caps over the cool months here in Brisbane. or a hottie on your head… now that might be a sight for HOMER? xxxx Annette

  5. Hi Alison Lets hope the chemo does it's job. I'm sure you're not discounting the fact that your good diet and exercise routine will improve the outcome. We'll all be sending you healing thoughts! Love xx

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