2014 summary

In 2014 it became clear that the hormone-blocker tamoxifen was not helping me. The little tumours in my lymph glands were growing bigger and causing aches and pains.

Our house-hunting was successful at last and in April we moved into our new home in Arana Hills (suburb in Brisbane’s northwest). Embarking on further treatment seemed easier and simpler without the usual worries of where to live.

From March to August I underwent my third course of chemotherapy, this time with carboplatin and gemcitabine, a combination that effectively shrank the tumours but rather knocked me around. At the end of that period I was sick with a horrible flu which turned into temporary asthma. It was a wonderful thing to feel healthy again by the end of the year!

Read my posts from 2014 starting here.

In case you need a different format here are the original posts from 2014 in a pdf file extracted from Caring Bridge. Remember to read from the bottom up.
In the pdf I’m sorry there are some cross-referencing links that don’t work after transfer from the original site (Caring Bridge). Also there may be mention of photos that aren’t there. I RECOMMEND STAYING IN THE ALISPHERE AND READING THE POSTS WHICH MOSTLY HAVE BETTER PICTURES AND FORMATTING.

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