Moved back to FNQ

Here is an update at last, with sincere apologies for the long silence.

It’s good news – I have been very busy with life and not thinking at all about cancer.

Yesterday I had my 3-monthly check-up with the specialist and my blood test results are good. There was no change in my cancer marker from the previous time (CA125=12).

Since last I wrote, John and I have moved back home to Yungaburra. That was a significant process because we had settled in Brisbane and gathered a household of furniture and stuff. We had to break the rental lease, get rid of our belongings or store them and drive 2 cars the long journey north.

Having achieved this, we began to plan a trip overseas to catch up with Helen in Europe. It is happening in a bit of a rush and we leave in a few days’ time!

As you can tell, we are making the most of my current health and energy. People tell me how well I look (fit and healthy with hair) and I love the compliments!

The doctors seem to think it likely that the cancer will recur because that’s the nature of this disease. I do have 3 little tumours (inoperable) and at last scan one of them was slowly growing. This is the reality of my situation, but it doesn’t seem to affect my enjoyment of life while I’m feeling so well.

Best wishes to you all my family and friends and supporters xxx

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