Good report

I love reporting good news, so here’s an update after my routine check-up with the hospital doctors yesterday.

I am still very well and there are no signs of cancer returning. Hooray!

Now that I have passed the point of 12 months since finishing chemo, it proves that my disease is platinum-sensitive. We just don’t know if the farletuzumab was helpful or not, but we do know I responded well to the platinum drugs, and this is the best treatment available. The bigger the gap before recurrence, the better.

They still haven’t heard anything more about the sudden termination of the trial. The results will probably be announced at a conference in June. I was assured that it was not canned on account of any safety issues, just efficacy. On average over all the patients studied, there was not sufficient benefit for the trial to continue.

However, there are some other ongoing trials of farletuzumab in different settings, mainly for the cancers that are most difficult to treat, eg platinum-insensitive cancers. Actually, this seems to be where most of the research effort is aimed, at least at the Mater.

One of my lovely doctors, Dr Niara Oliveri, is doing this fundraising bike ride

Go Niara!

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