How is your compost today?

I love having my compost bin just outside the kitchen door so I can check it each morning when I check the weather. I’m impressed that it isn’t infested or smelly. The special composting worms seem active and happy and the kitchen scraps disappear very rapidly.


When we do the washing, I collect one or 2 buckets of grey water and tip them in the compost bin – that’s every 2 or 3 days. I think this helps to conduct the heat which probably discourages cockroaches. Lift the lid, and heat radiates from the compost in Summer.
As the contents level drops low I add a “brown layer” (garden clippings, cardboard, shredded paper, dry leaves etc). When I remember, I sprinkle on some garden lime, maybe once a month.

This is what I’ve found out to solve problems:
Cockroaches – too dry, add water
Vinegar flies – too acid and too wet so add lime & more dry browns
Larvae/Maggots – too wet, so add dry browns, although some people don’t think black soldier fly larvae are a problem. Chooks love to eat them!
Ants – too dry, so add water
Smelly – green to brown ratio is out of balance, so add more “brown” and some lime. Or perhaps you added carnivorous waste. Best to avoid meats, oils, fats, or any droppings from carnivores.

How interesting to read this article about 3-day compost using a combination of aerobin + chooks – here.

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