Life’s next chapter

Just an update to say I’m fine and coping with this next chapter of my life in which I have other ways to find hope, no longer leaning on farletuzumab for support. I heard good news that at my last scans the tumours had not grown at all. I’m really happy about this!

Last Sunday I went to the ovca research fundraising volleyball match where my friends from the “zipper club” had a team, “Green Machine”. There were 8 courts packed with players and supporters, all working towards improved treatment for ovarian cancer. The first person to greet me at the court was my surgeon (from 2009)! I am very grateful to them all for their efforts. Thank you!

Maybe next year I will also have a team at the event.

Ok, I know you’re thinking, what would Alison know about volleyball? It’s true – nothing! – but I have some very fit and sporty family and friends who I might recruit.

You know who you are …!

Please think about it and start training. It is a day of fun with very relaxed games.

PS I think they are still accepting donations 🙂

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