2013 summary

In January 2013 my clinical trial was closed and I could no longer enjoy the benefit of that advanced immune therapy. I was very disappointed, but at least now travel was possible because I was no longer tied to weekly intravenous treatment at the hospital in Brisbane. John and I packed up our rented house and returned home to Yungaburra, then enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Europe where we caught up with Helen while she was doing a year as international exchange student.

A few tiny tumours in several of my abdominal lymph nodes had never actually gone away (only shrank with previous treatment). Sadly these grew very slowly during the year and by October I was advised to try a hormone-blocking tablet, tamoxifen, hoping this might retard the cancer growth.

We also turned our energy towards serious house-hunting in Brisbane. Again and again I had found that there were more and better opportunities for medical treatment in the city. We were beginning to find the gypsy lifestyle to be wearying!

Read my posts from 2013 starting here.

In case you need a different format, here is a pdf file with a collation of my original blog posts from Caring Bridge through 2013. It’s a short file because I had so little medical news from that happy period. As you know, ‘no news is good news’!
Comments from my Guestbook in 2013 are here.
Remember to scroll to the bottom of the pdfs to start reading chronologically.

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