Condition ‘stable’

Good news! I’ve had my next follow-up scans and this time they showed my condition as “stable”. Watching those 4 tiny tumours lurking deep in my torso, the smallest one has grown, 2 have shrunk and one still vanished, so the specialists conclude that last time’s scare was an anomaly or sampling error. Phew! I am really relieved.

Of course, I’ll be concerned to know next time what is the size of the one little rogue that has grown. We are talking about a lump so small that it falls below the minimum size to be taken into account for this research trial. It would appear that my immunotherapy drug (Farletuzumab) is effectively curbing growth of the larger tumours, but this tiny one seems to be active. What a puzzle! My doctors are very reassuring and I take heart from their jubilation at my continued good health.

Thanks for your interest and comments about my mindfulness study. I am nearly finished the course and have continued to find it very worthwhile. I will be writing more about this topic next time.

I am really excited to be going home for a week! I can’t wait to catch up with Tablelands friends next Sunday at Lake Eacham, if you want to meet me there xxx

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