Vanishing Tumour

More good news. Scans last week showed my tumours have further reduced in size and one of them has actually vanished!!!!! 🙂

My doctor said this is unlikely to be
attributable to chemo by now, 3 months since my last dose. It appears
to be the magic of farletuzumab. I can picture my lymphocytes, like
pac-man, devouring the enemy cancer cells.

I am very happy about this result,
while at the same time also aware that my good fortune rests on the
throw of a dice, as such. In the research trial some other patients did not score so well
and with a null treatment (placebo) the cancer may start growing

I talked with my oncologist about a
sense that I’ve been a bit forgetful and she said “chemo brain”
is a real phenomenon, involving short-term memory and attention span.
She said it is difficult to measure it without having any “baseline’
data for me, for comparison. She assured me I’ll recover, but said it
often takes a long time.

I am feeling very well and energetic.
My (blue) hair has grown to about 3cm. I receive compliments all the
time, from strangers and friends (and I have to admit I enjoy it).

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