Art Therapy

At last I have a photo to show you my latest art therapy project – my emotional landscape, or how it looked to me that day (a couple of weeks’ ago). The medium was acrylic paint.arttherapy11april

The art therapist has a variety of interesting exercises for inspiring us to explore and express ourselves. Importantly, it is all about the process, not the finished picture. I had to try and forget about trying to make it look good, or even look like anything in particular.

  • Here are some notes about what my picture represents:
  • Lots of unknowns ahead but surprisingly they seem ok
  • Some very scary horrible stuff that nevertheless has some hope sprouting there
  • Living in the moment on reasonably solid green ground with a reassuring pond, which relates to feeling glad for support from my family and friends.
  • Stepping stones across it all – a good feeling that facing my fears and taking each day as it comes is valuable preparation for my journey into the unknown territory ahead

I’m still feeling really well and I’ve been preoccupied with family activities away from the city. My little bit of hair is still blue and now I have some home-grown eyebrows too (not blue).

I must quote my Mum in response to my last entry in which I mentioned my doctor’s guess that I’m on the active drug (not placebo), “Tell your doctor – of course I’m on ‘Fartlebums’. You can tell by the blue fuzz growing on my head!”

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