High dose

Exciting news: last week my gynae-oncologist said she’s guessing I’m on the high dose of Farletuzumab (my trial drug treatment)!

My recent blood test results show variable neutrophil levels (white blood cell count) even though I’m no longer affected by chemo toxins. I gather this may suggest I’m not on the placebo. Well, the trial is still “double blind” (neither doctor nor patients know who is taking what), but I am very happy with this hopeful thought!

I did ask my doctor about Avastin, the anti-angiogenesis drug I mentioned last time, and she said it is still being studied for treating ovarian cancer patients after recurrence. The latest media sensation is a report in the Lancet that a daily low dose of Aspirin may be effective to prevent or treat cancer, although they don’t mention ovca. However, both Avastin and Aspirin sometimes have serious side effects.

There’s another drug coming for ovca, called OSI 906, which seems to both inhibit tumour growth and induce cancer cell death. My doctors are very hopeful that there will be more and better treatment options available soon.

Hair report – as you can see, at last I have a thin cover (about 10mm in length) and now it is blue 🙂

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