Why you take off your hair?

Good news again! It might be getting boring, but I’m happy to say my recent scans show the tumours have shrunk more. My white blood cell count is very low, but that’s not surprising and it should improve over the next few weeks. My cancer marker CA125 is excellent at a low 8. I don’t have scary dramas to liven up this blog (phew!), so instead I’ll tell you about a funny incident.

After I finished chemo the first time (in 2010) I went for a massage in Cairns. I had visited twice previously, hoping to explain about my ileostomy and ask what are the options since I couldn’t lie on my tummy. I gave up because the man there seemed to only know 2 English words, “Five minutes”.
(I tried coming back after 5 minutes hoping to find an English speaker, but no.) This time it didn’t matter, though, because I was able to lie face down at last. The massage was wonderful! My female
massage therapist did know a little English, but our conversation was very amusing.

I had a voucher for a ‘neck and shoulders’ massage, so I took off my wig and lay down.

Massage therapist Why you take off your hair?
Me I thought it would make it easier for you.
But why you take off your hair?
Because you’re going to massage my neck.
Yes but why you take off your hair?
Oh, I had chemotherapy and I lost my hair.
Long silence.
Lots of foreign talk between the woman and the “5-min” man, then she asked me for the word again (‘chemotherapy’).
What’s that?
I had cancer and I took medicine to kill the cancer, then my hair fell out.
Oh cancer. What cancer? Skin cancer?
No, ovarian.
No, ovaries.
What’s that? Liver?
No, ovaries.
What’s that?
Where babies are made.
Oooooh! You should have a foot bath – would be good for that!

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