Being (a) Patient

Again last week I had 2 days visiting the hospital. I had booked in for my post-chemo scans on Wednesday, the same day as my treatment, but somehow the computer had me listed as a Thursday patient after the previous 2 Thursdays (one when I skipped chemo on my birthday and the other out of my control when the equipment failed). Therefore, no one ordered the drug and they couldn’t rustle any up, so I had to go in again on Thursday after all.

Otherwise everything is going well. I’m back on my bike and taking longer walks, happy to be increasing my fitness.

I’ve been busy editing my notes on how to start a worm farm, and also the method and recipes for Bokashi composting. I don’t mean to pose as an expert. It’s just that I’d promised to share this information, so I thought the best way would be blogging.

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