Bokashi for Pet Droppings

Bokashi composting is an anaerobic fermenting process that is easy and non-smelly to use in the kitchen for decomposing food scraps.

Read more about it HERE

… but the big question is, can it also be used to dispose of pet poo in a way that is odour-free?

There’s a specific Bokashi product they say to buy for dealing with pet waste. It’s called Shift Bokashi. They claim that the microbes in it will destroy any pathogens so the resulting compost is safe to use anywhere.

Online some people say the ordinary Bokashi bran mix will deal with dog poo just as it works with vegie scraps. FIND BOKASHI BRAN RECIPES HERE.

To be safe they all say keep the dog poo compost bucket separate from your regular scraps and only use the resulting compost on your ornamental plants (not on the vegie garden). You should mix the faeces with plant material, leaves, or wood chips so that the Bokashi culture mix has a rich amount of material to process. Then after fermentation bury it in the ground covering it with about 20 cm of soil.

Here is an example of what I found:
Turn your pet poop into nutrient rich compost. Follow the same Bokashi instructions that would apply to food waste and other organic matter, and transform your pet poop without any smell, fuss or mess.
Do not Bokashi pet poop and food waste together in the same system – use a separate Bokashi system.

And here’s another one:
You can also do a special Bokashi bucket for dog and cat poo, just use a standard airtight bucket and use newspaper or pet-litter itself to absorb any liquid.

Q. Can I use Bokashi culture mix with my kitty litter?

A. There is no harm for your pet in using Bokashi bran in the litter. If you add a handful of Bokashi culture mix to the kitty litter each week, it will greatly help to reduce the odours of ammonia and waste in the litter. You can then ferment (pickle) the litter mixing it with leaves and other organic debris and use this product in the soil for ornamental plants.

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