Last Chemo

Celebrating my last chemo today – Hooray!

I just scraped through with my white
blood cell count, so that’s it, at last the poisoning is over for
now. My weekly hospital visits continue, of course, for my trial drug
(antibody) dose. From now on it is a “maintenance” treatment.
Farletuzumab works best by destroying any early cancer cells to
prevent another recurrence. It is best taken in combination with
chemotherapy which has been the important first response to shrink
the existing tumours.

I’ve been fortunate not experiencing
any numb or tingling fingers or toes due to nerve damage which is a
common side effect of my chemo drugs. I might have been spared this
by all the delays and also the lowered chemo dose (80%).

Meanwhile the dose was sufficient to
quickly shrink those 4 little tumours in my lymph system. The experts
can no longer detect the presence of cancer because those reduced
lumps are not significantly different from slightly swollen lymph

Next I can enjoy being able to better
plan ahead instead of not knowing if I’ll pass a blood test on
Wednesdays, and in a while I can look forward to growing some hair –
maybe in time for winter.

It has been a long day starting at the
hospital at 8am for the blood test, and I’m still on the drip now,
probably finishing at about 6:30pm. I varied my schedule this week
and came for treatment on Thursday just so I was free to enjoy my
birthday yesterday. It was a lovely treat to go by ferry to
Coochiemudlo Island to relax and swim at the beach, and also have
lunch at the Vicky Point lighthouse with John and Helen. I felt a bit
like a truant, and that probably made it all the more fun!

THANKYOU for all the birthday wishes
that I received. I am touched by so much love and thoughtfulness.
Your support means a lot to me and makes a difference!

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