Nutropenic delay

On Wednesday I was scheduled for chemo but I only had the trial drug because my neutrophils were too low again, according to the blood test. I suppose I needn’t be surprised since I can’t remember the last time my neuts actually recovered in the allotted 3 week period. Still, I am disappointed because I was all ready to celebrate my LAST chemo!

This delay has a good side – I can enjoy feeling well (without side effects) all weekend in Yungaburra.
From next week I’m back to Brisbane to stay a while. I still have some drug company fare assistance I’m saving for more Yungaburra time a little later on, and it’s a great feeling to know I’m coming back.

“Commuting” was fine, although I know it’s not sustainable. Each week I flew to Brisbane on Tuesday and back to Cairns on Thursday so my Wednesday treatments could continue at the Mater Hospital. It’s a gypsy lifestyle, living out of a suitcase and perpetually packing up.

If you’ve travelled you probably know that disoriented feeling of waking in the dark and forgetting what bed you’re in and being unable to picture the bedroom. I even had it on the plane yesterday after a nap. I woke and was completely confused whether I was flying north or south! There was a gorgeous view below me of an island with a rainbow and I was puzzling which coral cay it could be.

Was it an American Indian elder who said you might as well walk across the country because it takes that long for your soul to catch up …? I think my soul might be scrambled with bits here and there across Queensland, but I don’t actually mind as I’m just so grateful for this opportunity for a little time at home in FNQ. However, I will also make them most of staying put for a while when it happens.

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