Henna eyebrows

Hair loss after chemotherapy means not merely a bald scalp. For example, it is a very strange sensation to be without eyelashes and nostril hairs. After gritty eyes and a sticky itchy nose, now I really appreciate these uncelebrated hairs. I miss my eyebrows too.
I was inspired to create henna eyebrows after having fun in the henna tent at the Woodford Folk Festival.
I have only painted eyebrows, so obviously I’m no expert, but I want to share this helpful hint.


Perhaps it is just vanity to want eyebrows like everyone else, and blend into the crowd, but I’ve also had feedback that eyebrows make all the difference for certain facial expressions.
Eyebrow pencil works well, or my cousin’s excellent tip is to use dark eyeshadow and a little brush. However, it takes time and a steady hand to achieve a serious pair of unremarkable eyebrows. Not being a make-up person, I find this daily procedure tedious, whereas henna can last a week.

The time saving is brilliant, although the rather orange tone of a henna tattoo probably suits some other people better than me.

I had a fantasy of painting decorative eyebrows
but I found it too difficult.
I hope you will try some patterns
and have more success than me


My friend gave me some ready-to-use henna paste in an easy applicator tube and also some in a cone. My best success has been with the cone.

Buy henna cones online or in an Indian grocery shop (about $1.50). Keep the paste in the fridge and it will last a while. However, after opening I found it necessary to squeeze out and discard about 1/2 teaspoon of paste. This much was inactive, but deeper in the tube was still good.

After painting on my eyebrows I left the paste to dry and kept it on for 12 hours, then peeled it off and smeared on some oil. Apply more oil daily, especially before showering or swimming.

My henna eyebrows lasted 7 days before needing a touch-up.

Here is a very useful site with recipes and instructions.

Henna design on my head with paste still adhering

In this picture you can see the full design on my head from the festival, showing dark henna paste still adhering. When the paste comes off, the final henna tattoo is a brown stain, as you can see in the “after” eyebrow illustration above.

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