4 Days at Home

I’m home! It’s incredibly beautiful here, peaceful and green with wet-season sounds of birds and frogs.

We flew up on Thursday, and now I start
to commute, travelling to Brisbane each week for my treatment on
Wednesdays. I know it seems crazy, but I think it will be worth it –
not forever, but just for a couple of months. I’m fortunate that the
drug company also thinks it’s worth it to assist me with the fares.

It is 6 months since John and I set off
on our road trip which was to be a holiday visiting family and
friends. We have truly been away half a year, apart from one weekend
visit home for the local Folk Festival in October. I could say we
were hijacked by the cancer and stranded, but really we’ve had the
best opportunities to enjoy our time away. Heartfelt thanks to
everyone for your support and help, especially Andrew and Anne for
sharing their beautiful home in Brisbane this last 3 months. Thankyou
also to Kay and John for looking after our place.

On Wednesday my white blood cell
(neutrophil) count was low again so I didn’t have chemotherapy.
Another delay. Try again next week. The trial drug, antibody
Farletuzumab, continues each Wednesday regardless of my blood test.

The specialist reported that the CT
scans last week showed not much change in the size of those little
tumours. She said they probably won’t change much now. They had
previously shrunk so much, they are now at a size (less than 1cm in
diameter) where it isn’t really possible to tell whether they are
tumours or just slightly swollen lymph nodes. The important thing is
that they don’t grow again, and we can watch for this in future

Now there’s so much I want to do at
home, and people I want to see – and just 4 days at a time to do it
in! At least this week I’m feeling really well, and not poisoned! 🙂

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