How the henna head was done

I forgot to answer questions last time, sorry.

My henna head decoration took nearly an
hour to do. It was easy for me to sit and relax through it, but tough
on the artist whose arm and back were sore by the end. It didn’t
really tickle, but the henna paste was cold and refreshing. Actually
I felt pampered.

Henna is applied in a paste made of tea
and spices. This stuck like a crust on my head and I rubbed it off
after 12 hours, revealing a tea-coloured stain on my scalp. This
“tattoo” was rather more subtle than the initial pattern.
However, the design lasted less than a week, despite my heeding
advice to oil it before showering. Skin on the scalp is replenished
more rapidly than anywhere else on the body. The soles of feet and
palms of hands shed least, and that’s why these are the sites for
traditional henna decoration, eg Indian brides. Anyway, I loved my
festival head adornment and felt happier than usual to doff my hat in
the shade – important for summer comfort.

My last chemo (cycle 4) was 80% of the
usual dose, and this is how we will continue now. My specialist
assures me there will be no drop in effectiveness. Yesterday I had my
next scheduled CT scans, so hopefully these will show the tumours
have continued to shrink. I will find out next week.

My cold was just a cold, uncomfortable but no big deal, and I’m over it now. The medical team warned me to go immediately to hospital in case of fever, so I checked my temperature regularly but it was ok.

Making the most of the great weather, we’ve been camping and bushwalking in northern NSW this week (John, Evan and I). Such beautiful scenery, and I feel great about the walks
I managed (although I dragged behind the men). I actually climbed to the summit of Wallumbin (Mt Warning, 1156m) !!!!!!! I salute John and Evan for encouraging me, believing in me – and carrying my bag!

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