More Festival Fun

The rest of the festival was great fun and the weather continued fine and cool to the end. What a miracle! It made a big difference that we didn’t have to cope with extremes of heat or mud or both. The chemo side effects were quite minimal and my energy level continued to be high, although I was careful to take daily naps after lunch and be in bed early at night.

If stress is bad for the immune system, then maybe fun, music, dancing, fireworks and above all happy family times are helpful. Well, we can’t prove that my week at the festival didn’t contribute to my bone marrow recovery (as shown in my excellent blood test results last week and also today when I went for my trial drug treatment). Anyway, my medical team is certainly encouraging me to do whatever makes me feel better.

However, unfortunately now I’m coming down with a cold. (Ok, this doesn’t really fit with my healthy festival story.) The doctors have instructed me on care and caution because of my extra risks. I learnt something new, that the chemo drugs have a delayed effect on my blood cells, taking about 14 days to cause a dip. Therefore my good white blood count should help me fight off the cold for another week yet. That’s good, because we’re going camping for a few days. Don’t worry, I’ll be relaxing and taking it easy.

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