Festival Fun

I hope you had a great Christmas. We did, and the festival also has been wonderful! Miraculous as it may seem, the weather has been great. No rain while we were setting up camp and only brief rain storms each day so far. This has kept the temperatures down and also the dust. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to participate while in the middle of chemo, and even more fortunate that I’m full of energy and fit enough to really have fun. I’ve been yodeling, playing marimbas, eating curry, dancing and enjoying being with my family. Look at this picture of the full henna decoration on my head.

I’m skipping Day 3 of the festival to dash to Brisbane for my scheduled treatment. Today my blood count is excellent (in the “normal” range) so I’m having full chemo. Then I’m going back to the festival. In the last 14 years I think I’ve only missed one (due to surgery on this very date 2 years’ ago). I guess it takes a general anaesthetic to keep me away from Woodford.

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